Two Kinds of Apple Stores

Customers are usually not aware that there are two types of Apple stores out there. The first one is the most common and popular choice among Apple users and these are the Apple Retail Stores or ARS. And the least known would be the Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). Apple customers may not know that there is an Apple Authorized Service Provider close to their location.

One of the misconception about Apple Authorized Service Providers is that they do not provide the quality service compared to an Apple Retail Store, which is not true. Customers should take note that Apple Authorized Service Providers are third-party stores that are certified by Apple to handle Apple customer concerns such as iPhone repairs and parts replacement. This only means that these third-party stores are equally competent with the Apple Retail Stores.

The main difference between the two however is that Apple Authorized Service Providers are limited on the type of device that they provide service with. For example this certain Apple Authorized Service Providers store only accommodates repair for iPhones and not for iPads. Another difference is that with an Apple Retail Store, you need to book an appointment before a technician can see you. However in an Apple Authorized Service Providers, you don’t need an appointment to see a technician. All you need to do is to call them first before heading to their store. After calling them, you can just walk-in through the store and you will be accommodated.

Make sure that the third-party Store that you are heading is not a fraud one. Because when an Apple device is repaired or there are parts that has been replaced by an “unauthorized Apple store,” it can no longer be brought to an Apple Retail Store for future repair or parts replacement.

In finding the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider on your place, you can go and search or you can call Apple to inquire. Apple Advisors can easily locate the nearest Apple Authorized Service Providers, and they give the exact address and contact number of the store.

When it comes to an iPhone repair, customers can not just only rely for Apple Retail Stores, but they can also head to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for help.