Finding The Best Touch-Free Car Wash

Many touch-free car wash systems sacrifice washing and cleaning quality as well as utilize lots of liquid. But not Clean Edge Carwash. Its latest car washing technology offers excellent cleaning utilizing only the finest quality cleaning products and services.

The touch-free car wash of Clean Edge Carwash in Rosebud and Keysborough uses up-to-date brushless and touch-free car wash systems. This carwash system will protect the exterior of the car by getting rid of any possible scuffmarks or scratches during the carwash process while providing an ultimate carwash to improve the paintwork of the vehicle.

Both Clean Edge Carwash in Keysborough and Rosebud are equipped with a system known as ICS Entry system which can talk to the customer, so that the customer can be guaranteed that the carwash process is going to be very easy and the exit is going to result in the vehicle being thoroughly cleaned and washed from the top up to the very bottom, including the very intricate wheels and tires.

Moreover the Bay 7 and 8 of Clean Edge Carwash are longer and wider for the larger boats as well as so that the boat and car can be cleaned and washed simultaneously. Plus you don’t have to worry or stress yourself about the car being opened to some other cars while you clean your boat.

Nothing touches your car for this kind of car wash. The cleaning and washing of this carwash type is completed by chemicals and high-pressure waters. Technology is super advances; sensors are able to see the car and then follow the car’s contour for a lot more effective carwash.

Touch-free car wash in Clean Edge Carwash can wash and clean a wide spectrum of car types.