Different Car Wash Methods: What Is The One For You?

It’s unavoidable that your car will need to be cleaned and washed, and it is so easy to do so when you take your car to a car wash. A lot of gas stations in Melbourne have a modern car wash on site or a separate business. Most of these car wash centers offer the following car wash methods: coin-operated hand wash, drive-through car wash, self-service car wash and touchless automatic car wash.
There are many advantages to every car wash method, ranging from time restrictions to the quality of the car wash. Check out and see what car wash method fits your car.
Coin-Operated Car Wash
A number of gas stations in Melbourne or in other places have included a coin-operated car wash where customers can wash and clean their cars using their latest car washing equipment and tools. This is a hands-on method where the car owner must be ready with the proper footwear and clothing and should have a lot of coins for the car wash machine.
Prepaid Self-Service Car Wash
By the time, a few of car wash centers are prepaid, although fewer today than in the past. It’s basically a self-service car wash where car owners can use the car wash centers’ modern car wash materials and equipment just like the earlier method, however under lesser strict time constraints. Car owners who will select this car wash method can expect to pay in time blocks of around 15 minutes or less, after which the equipment will stop and the owner will have to pay for another time.
Drive-Through Car Wash
This car wash method is best when you don’t have more time to clean and wash your car. This is also a convenient choice when you are not dressed properly to wash your vehicle by yourself. Drive-through car wash allows you to just sit and relax inside the car while the car wash machines and equipment do the entire job.